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10 Ways to Get Motivated When Your Life Is Fuck'd Up

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ROCK YOUR LIFE: 10 Ways to Get Motivated When Your Life Is   Fuck'd Up 

Everyone can feel unmotivated at times. Even the most positive people on Earth too go through this. Everyone can feel fucked-up sometimes.

Fuck'd Up: A level of status. Typically used in reference to being physically, mentally, morally/ asthetically, performance-wise, or even theoretically damaged in some way. It, in and of itself has many gradient levels, such as 'slightly fucked up', or 'extremely fucked up', but all versions have to do with describing the level of damage. A wonderfully universal root word, to be sure.

 If you're a human and I mean, normal homo sapiens, sometimes we get into such a slump that even thinking about making positive changes seems too difficult.

But don't worry, there's hope for you to get your motivation back, step by step, tiny baby steps that can help you get started down the road to positive change. 

It seems impossible at times, yes? You don't feel like doing anything. I've been there and I still find it really difficult from time to time. You're not alone. So hopefully these 10 Ways will be able to get you motivated when you're feeling really low and "shitty" about yourself. 

There were many times in the past when I struggled financially, there was not even money for me to buy food. It's hard to face day after day and all that I could think of was about money, money and money! It's really hard to get started again, I'm not sure how I am going to continue with my life. I don't even feel like thinking about it-most of the times. But I've always found a way to break out of that slump and here are the 10 Ways To Help You Get Out Of Your Fucked-Up Life:

1. One Goal

Whenever I feel fucked-up, I've discovered that it's often because I have too much going on in my life.  There are so many things that I want to accomplish and get done; in short-I'm trying to do too much. And it saps my energy and motivation. It's probably the most common mistake that people make: they try to take on too much, try to accomplish too many goals at once. You cannot maintain energy and focus which are the two most important things in accomplishing a goal, if you are trying to do two or more goals at once. 

You have to choose one goal-while you're still feeling down and fucked-up-and focus on it completely. It will be hard. You'll feel disturbed, distracted and have the nagging feeling that the other jobs need to get done too. Still, I think you have your fair share of experience about this too. For now, you can always do your other goals when you've accomplished your One Goal

2. Find Inspiration

Look at it this way. If you can't find inspiration from you, inspiration can come from others who have achieved what I want to achieve, or who are currently doing it. You should know and take the effort to know that you are not alone

You can read other blogs, books, magazines, Google your goal, and read success stories. Just remember: if you can't find inspiration in yourself, you can find it in others. 

3. Build Anticipation

This is part of the inspiration that I get from "Getting the Inspiration from others". If you somehow able (and God knows where you're going to get it-but I know you can do it!) to find inspiration and want to do a goal, don't start right away. Many of us will get excited and want to start today. That's a mistake. Set a date in the future - a week or two, or even a month - and make that your Start Date. Mark it on the calendar. Get excited about that date. Make it the most important date in your life. In the meantime, start writing out a plan. And do some of the steps below. You can build anticipation and slowly increase your focus and energy for your goal as you delay your start. 

4. Post Your Goal

Print out your goal in big words. Make your goal just a few words long, like a mantra (In my case, "Write 2 Chapters. Daily"), and post it up on your wall or refrigerator. Post it at home, in your car and at work. Put it up as your wallscreen of your laptop. You want to have big reminders about your goal, to keep your focus and excitement going. A picture of your goal (like a hardcover book with my name on it) also helps. 

5. Commit Publicly 

You don't want to look bad in front of the others, do you? It's like an extra stimulant for you to do something when you've said what you're planning to do, publicly. 

For example, when I started writing the Empress, I shared the news about the project on my Facebook page so that everyone of my 2, 000++ friends would know about it (of course, there's no guarantee every 2, 000 friend that I have on Facebook knows about it).

But there are many ways you can do this and one of it is by starting with your friends and family, and if you happen to own a blog, you can make use of the platform too! 

Start holding yourself accountable and try commit to giving progress updates to everyone every week or so. 

6. Think About It Daily

If you think about your goal every day, it is much more likely to become true. If you keep on thinking about it, it will somehow act as a reminder for you-to remind you the reason you're doing this whole thing in the first place. To this end, posting the goal on your wall or laptop or your car helps a lot. 

And if you commit to doing on small thing to further your goal (in my case, even just a page a day) every single day, your goal will almost certainly become true. If you keep on doing it over and over, your tiny efforts will add up and make a mountain. Your body will turn this continuous action into habit and before you notice it, your work is almost completed. 

7. Realize There's An Ebb And Flow

Motivation is not a constant thing that is always there for you. It comes and goes, and comes and goes again, like the tide. But realize that while it may go away, it doesn't go permanently. It will come back. Just stick it out and wait for that motivation to come back. 

In the meantime, read about your goals continuously, start with the little actions everyday, ask for help if you must and share your progress publicly if you must, until your motivation comes back. 

For me these days, when I somehow find myself with no money in the pocket to pay for food, I find it is really helpful to think that "God will never let me go hungry" and tomorrow my tummy is filled again, God willing. 

8. Start Small. Really Small. 

You are trying to achieve so many things at once. That's why you'd feel overwhelmed. If you are having a hard time getting started, it may be because you're thinking too big, too much and trying to accomplish so many things at once. Think of your goal as a long journey, and your fuck'd up moments is just a little bump in the road. You can't give up with every little bump. 

Stay with it for the long term, ride out the ebbs and surf on the flows, and you'll get there. 

And start with something small and easy. 

9. Build On Small Success 

If you start small for a week, little by little, you're one step closer than you were yesterday. It's hard to fail when you're just doing something that is really easy, isn't it? (If you are an author like me, start with half-a-page or a full page. That should be easy, don't you think so?) 

But what happens after I'm able to complete a full page? I feel successful and good about myself. Then, I'll take that successful feeling and build on it, with another baby step, one by one. Slowly, I'll add one page tomorrow and another page the day after that. 

With each step, you will feel even more successful. Make each step really, really small and it will actually be harder to fail. Before long, you'd have built a mountain of your precious works in front of you. 

10. Get Rid Of The Negative Thoughts! 

Be conscious with what you're thinking. Our human minds are really powerful and how we think will shape who we are outside and ergo, your reality is the result of your thinking. That's why it is important to start monitoring your thoughts. Recognize negative self-talk, which is really what's causing your slump. 

Just spend a few days becoming aware of every negative thought. List them down so you're consciously aware of what you've been thinking. After a few days, try squashing those negative thoughts and replace them instead with a corresponding positive thought. 

Keep on telling yourself, "I can do this. I can do this!"
The power of the mind, my friends. The power of the mind...

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I sincerely hope these 10 Reminders would help you to think long and hard about your life at the moment. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and if you are willing, please leave your comments below.

10 Ways To Have The Best Days Of Your Life

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Rock Your World: 10 Ways To Have The Best Days Of Your Life

By Clive Einstein

When you feel good about yourself and you're having the best days of your life, ideas are easy to come by and you'll feel more enthusiastic about life as a whole. But there are many things that could possibly stop us from having the best days of our our lives.

This time though, I am going to share with you the 10 Ways To Have The Best Days Of Your Life.
You feel like you're having the best days when you're outlook on life is positive or when you've learned new skills and meet new interesting people. Well, let's cut to the chase and here you go:

1. Develop New Or Expand Your Current Hobbies

Hobbies are something that we do in our free time and the type of hobbies that we do reflect who we are as a person. Say, your hobby is reading books-your view on the world is more likely be affected by the authors of the books you've read. Or you love travelling to other parts of the world and you are more likely open to people of other races, cultures, ideas etcetera.

So if you'd love to grow as a person from within, try out new hobbies. Pick up something new. You can learn a lot of new things just by starting with something simple at first; say, painting or fishing. And once you've found your new hobbies, dive deep into the subject, meet other people who share the same interest.

This same approach can also be applied on your current hobbies.

2. Make Your Dream Big And Dream Big

Dreams are basically ideas in our heads and our ideas are instilled in us by observing what other people have done with their awesome and exciting lives. We are inspired to follow their footsteps. So, because ideas are free, start thinking of dreams that make you feel excited!

And once you've done that, start working on making your dreams into your reality. Go on, don't let anyone stop you. What's important is, it should be fun, exciting and make you feel alive.

3. Start Living!

So you have been living your life by following the footsteps of others who told you to play it safe. You get good grades at school, go to college and find a job that can pay you steady paychecks every end of the month. Now, I'm not trying to be the Robert Kiyosaki with you but if you so happen to hate your job, the first word that comes out from your mouth is "fuck", then that's a clear-cut sign it's time to call it a day and start living.

Here's an interesting quote from Dreamworks Animated-Film, The Croods

Eep: Dad, you have to stop worrying about us.
Grug: But it's my job to worry! It's my job to follow the rules.
Eep: The rules don't work out here.
Grug: They kept us alive.
Eep: That wasn't LIVING! That was just.... "Not Dying"! There's a difference.


4. Look Up To The Morning Sky

We are most depressed when we feel unmotivated to live the day.
But there's a way to at least help you feel better about yourself-by starting your day the right way!

This makes you feel good, you know? If you are not the type who isn't wont to waking up early in the morning, maybe now is the time to start. When you're up at dawn and watch the morning sunrise, it can really boost how good you feel about yourself. Before you're worldly problems can catch up with you later on with the day, it is during this time when everything is quiet, the day's not too bright and hot, you'll feel as though you have the entire world for yourself to yourself. This is a time for you to be with yourself, your dreams and God.

And if you have the opportunity to be at a beach, or on top of a cliff would be even better!

5. Learn New Skills

While your hobbies are something that makes you feel alive, your skills will bring in money to pay for the food and bills. So, now that you've decided to start living, you should also start learning new skills that fit well with your plan.

When I first started out my book project, I didn't know that well how I was going to write about a dragon or describe a castle. I didn't know a lot of things that I know today; but I was really passionate about writing as much as I am today and I spent a lot of hours learning up new writing skills by reading a lot of different books and trying new techniques. And this effort did not go to waste; every skill that I have learned and everything that I am going to learn is going to add value to my works and hence, will inevitably bring in more money.

But as I've said many times in this blog, it's not about the money. If you love what you are doing and really passionate about it, the money will come, sooner or later.

6. Think Of Risk As Taking Chances

Everything that you decide to do will have a risk of its own. Even when you think you are playing it safe, there is always a risk to consider. But instead of thinking risk as risk, try and look at them as taking chances instead. You are taking a chance at life.

“Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something. Otherwise things just sort of stay the same.” ― Danny WallaceYes Man

7. Find A Cause

Yes, you've read it right. Maybe it could be helping out the homeless, or on a more global scale-end poverty or maybe to help others with their dreams. I have the perfect scene from the television show "How I Met Your Mother" for this point and here it is:

The Mother feels lost with her life at this point and Mitch advises her to find what she wants to do with her life and follow that dream. The Mother wishes to end poverty, and is told by Mitch to let every decision and action in her life be influenced by that goal

Get the picture? ;)

8. Spend Your Life With Those Who Matter

You can't enjoy this life alone. It wouldn't be awesome if your friends and family aren't there to see it (to borrow from the words of Barney Stinson). If you have a fight before, get it right. If there's something you don't agree with one another, just agree to disagree. But the most important part of this lesson is to spend your life with those who matter, your loved ones.

9. Go To A Strange New Place

Have the thought of going to a new place make you feel excited before? But you just haven't had the time for the trip. Do you know one thing you can learn by going to strange, new places? You get to learn about new cultures, different way of living, different people around you etcetera. Isn't that great?
Even if it's still within the country and just a two-hours drive away, you'll pick a new lesson of life.

The rule: you haven't been there before.

10. Learn To Be Grateful

Learning to be grateful takes practice. The more you practice to work on this, the more you'll see around you there are many things to be thankful for. If you keep on chasing something that you don't have, you'll never be happy with what you currently have.

I sincerely hope these 10 Ways To Have The Best Days Of Your Life would help you to think long and hard about your life at the moment. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and if you are willing, please leave your comments below.

10 Things To Remember While You Pursue Your Dreams

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Everytime you are thinking of pursuing your dreams, you will feel excited about it at first and I mean, really excited you are convinced everything is going to work out fine. Then, you've made the giant leap and followed what your heart told you.

But after a few days, or weeks or months, doubts started to creep in. This is inevitable and you're starting to find it very difficult to sleep at night. So, before you throw in the towel and raise the white flag, here are 11 things to remember while you pursue your dreams:

1. Start The Ripples By Throwing The Small Rock Into The Water

Maybe you're depressed for doing a remedial job at the moment, which is something that is in no way relevant to your career. You may be stressed from all the over-thinking and overwhelmed because everything seems to be happening at once. Everything that you have planned, everything that you could possibly think of, they are not happening as you thought they would be.

But remember this, as I've also told myself countless times, in the grand scheme of things, all of this is temporary. All of your problems won't stay with you forever.These problems will be gone over time and be replaced with new problems and in time, you'll realize, those problems that kept you out of your sleep at nights before--they seem really small and easy to solve.

Do you know what this means? It means, you've grown more matured and wiser! You are learning the Art of Living A Life, as your own man.

2. Thinking Too Much Isn't Going To Take You Anywhere...Just Do It

Don't just think all day, worrying about non-existent problems just because you are too paranoid about what might happen if you do this, do that.

The problem with thinking too much, that excitement you've first had when you were thinking of doing what you want to do in the beginning, suddenly everything is blown out of proportion and you'll feel overwhelmed by the weight of it all.

To pursue your dreams, sometimes you need to stop thinking and just do. You'll find all the answers to your questions as you go along.

3. Who Says You Need An E=MC(2)?

No one has the formula to a guaranteed success. There can only be guidelines. Even if you work your ass off day and night, without rest, trying to work on your crafts, there's no guarantee of its success. What you must remember, everyone has their own formula of success and as you work on your own unique dreams, you'll discover your formulas.

4. Execution Is Important And It Is The First Step Of A Very Exciting Journey

You have an idea. You have thousands of ideas about the things that you want to do with your life. But ideas will only remain as ideas if you don't do anything about it.

Go now, lassie, go and start working on your dreams.
If you've always wanted to become a painter, just paint anything on the blank canvas and show your works to the world on the internet.

Anything is possible.

5. Stop Saying What-Ifs Or Maybe

Just stop asking too many questions. There is a time for you to ask about so many things, but there is also a time that require you to really focus on your works instead.

You are basically in this whole thing alone. You are, as Lady Galadriel said to Frodo in the Lord of The Rings, the Ring Bearer and If you do not find the way, no one will. 

6. As they say, Practice Makes Perfect

You might not be good at first. That's okay. It sucks. I feel the same way too when I just started out with my career as a fantasy writer. But over time, I'm taking the initiative to learn more about my craft, dive deep into this field so I could produce much more quality works in the future.

7. Your Anxiety Shows You Are Just A Human After All

People around you will you that what you are doing is very risky. Probably they are right. What isn't risky though? Staying with your 9-6 job until the day you retire?  Is there any guarantee that there isn't any risk on the long run? Who knows? I mean, ask the question, who really knows?

The real reason why you've delayed before is because of fear. You are afraid because you are about to swim in an uncharted water in your life and it is human nature to feel anxious whenever we are about to do something out of our comfort zone.

But do you know what's the most effective way to eliminate this fear? By doing.

8. There Is A Reason And It's Your Reason

You are always chasing a dream that's seems so out-of-reach, so difficult and overwhelming. That's why they are called as your dreams. If it's easy, everyone else would have been doing the same thing too!

So, while you are pursuing your dreams, remember the very reason that led you to start this journey in the first place. Remember, those who have pursued their dreams successfully in life-they have struggled just like you are now; there were blood, sweat and tears in their journeys just like yours at the moment and when they are interviewed about their journeys, they tell their stories enthusiastically!

Who'd blame them?

It's really difficult to hide your enthusiasm when you are asked to tell your stories because the journey is the very reason you are the person you are today.

9.  It's Worth It In The End

I cannot tell you how much satisfying and rewarding after you've worked so hard on something for so long, but keep on failing over and over until eventually, you've succeeded. But even after all that, you continue to improve yourself. It's an addictive feeling really. You are driven to achieve even more success and when you look back at all the things you've been through; after every blood, sweat and tear you have poured into perfecting your crafts, you can actually smile and it is a smile that you cannot get over with. It is worth it in the end.

10. You'll Learn More About Yourself 

There will be times when you feel or think like giving it all up. This is too hard. You start to question every decision you made that day. But if you decide to persevere and roll with it and consciously aware that every little thing that has happened is all part of the process, you will have the priceless opportunity to learn more about yourself and I can really tell you this because it is so true: it will be incredibly rewarding!

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I sincerely hope these 10 Reminders would help you to think long and hard about your life at the moment. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and if you are willing, please leave your comments below.

The Confession Of A Self-Published Author

I self-published my first book in shame.

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That's probably the best way I could put it. Why would I say that though? Probably the only people that I could sell the books to were my closest friends, who'd would buy anything just to be supportive, you know? And then of course, my biggest fans in the world: my mom and dad. They'll be anything that their son produces. Turned out I was right. They did buy the books from me.

But you know what-this was all the doubts I had before I decided to share my work with the world.
Then the magical thing happened and it could happen to you if you believe in what you are doing hard enough and willing to commit to work on long enough to make it real: I printed the books myself, then I shared them with my friends and orders started to come in.

For my first book, I could only sell 1,250 printed books in total. And after that, I've moved the books to e-book and still sharing my works with the world. I'm hoping to reach the 5, 000 copies figure by this year end! (Fingers-crossed)

Perhaps to you, the number is not impressive. But to me, after I could finally find the courage to print the books and tell people about it is something that motivates me even more to write-not for the sake of the money, but to simply write and write and enjoy the thrill of writing!

A few months after the first book was published, my second book was completed and again, I shared my work with the world.  The money that I got from the book sales was encouraging and it helped to keep me afloat for a few months.

Although the money is a good bonus just so I could keep on being my rebellious-self and go on with my writing journey, the satisfaction of seeing my works completed; I cannot find the right words to describe it!

I've learned a lot along the way too. I now know more about publishing independently than before I set out on this journey, and I wouldn't know all about these really valuable information if I hadn't take up the courage to share my works with the world.

source: folioolio

And all of these happened in 2013.
As for 2014, you can expect Three more books from me and this time, after I've learned from my costly mistake last year, I've decided to publish my works only as e-books and if you're interested, you can find them on Amazon. Even if you're not interested, just tell your friends about it. But all that I want to say, my sincerest thanks for your help and support. I really do appreciate it, very much.

I am no longer afraid. Hopefully, you'll find a way to reach out to yours too. If you ever need any help, you can email me at clive88einstein {a}; {a} is @.


10 Ways To Help You Focus On Your Works

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We've all been there. We want to get our works done. We are committed to have our works completed before the day ends. It could be writing eight chapters of your book, or the proposal that you're going to submit to your potential investor or simply, working on your client's website that you've promised to deliver.

But the moment you set down to work at your desk, distractions start to knock on your head. You've clocked in 8 hours and you haven't really done anything...significant

Based on my experience working on my books in the past, Here is a list of the 10 Ways To Help You Focus On Your Works:

1. Turn off the phone

One of the biggest distractions in modern times. This is especially true if you are that "busy man". Yes, that calls could be from your potential clients, or your wife asking when are you coming home and etcetera etcetera. But if you are serious about getting your works done, this is the first thing on your list.

2. The 1-Hour Rule

You've allocated 8-Hours to do the whole thing. But that's allocation. This is how you can gauge and track your works better. Apply the 1-Hour Rule. At the end of every 1-Hour, take a breather, won't ya? Look at what you've done so far. If you've done everything right and actually worked on your works, you'd be happy with the results and automatically motivated to keep on going for the rest of the 8 hours.

3. Shut Off Everything 

Is there a television in your room? Or the radio with loud musics? Or anything that might potentially distract your working process. Well, you don't need telling--shut them off.

4. Musics Help. Relevant Musics. 

The kind of music I listen to whenever I work on my world of Gordana is basically those epic musics available on Youtube. It's relevant to my work, see?

For my workout sessions, I'd listen to gym musics compiled by people on Youtube too.
Basically, music helps and it stimulates you.

5. Reward Yourself

Maybe play a game on your X-Box. Or go for a smoke. Or anything that gives you pleasure. The simple rule is, you've work hard, now it's time to give you a mini-reward.

Everytime I've completed a few chapters (preferably 3-5) of my book, I'd play a game of DOTA on my PC before I continue with my book again
6. A Clear Picture of Your Goals

Have you identified what you want from completing the tasks at hand? How will it affect your next subsequent tasks? How will this help you to achieve your end-goals?

In front of me, right above my desk at home. 

7. Make A List

Say you want to write a book. It's good that you'd like to get the book done as soon as possible. But if you're planning to write everything in a day, that can work if you're aiming for mediocrity. Make a list--a realistic list.

And another rule to add: make it short.

8. Clear Your Desk

If your desk is too cluttered with unnecessary things, clear them away. You don't need these unnecessary distractions. Get your head in the game. Focus on the task at hand.

And mind you, this is one of the most effective methods to apply for your works.

9. Frame Pictures of The Successful People With Their Quotes On The Wall

This is one of my favorites. I have photos of JRR Tolkien, Sidney Sheldon, JK Rowlng and Dan Brown on the wall near my desk at home. And each photo is captioned with their respective quotes. I have the photos of these authors because my field, my business and my art is writing. Choose photos of people that are related to your own industry and see the effect of having their faces staring at you while you work.

The difference it makes is amazing!

10. Water And Food Near You

Get a bar of chocolate, mineral water, sweets; whatever food and drinks that can help you and then, keep them at arm's length. They keep you from going off to the kitchen/ pantry and help you to avoid wasting them with that trips.

I sincerely hope these 10 Ways would help you to think long and hard about your life at the moment. If you like this article, please share it with your friends and if you are willing, please leave your comments below.

10 Signs You Are A Fighter In Your Life

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Victories are not achieved without hard works. We have to fight through some of the bad and sometimes worst days in our lives to earn the best days of our lives. It is important that we make peace with the possibility of defeats because that fear would hold us back from putting forth our best performances. If we walk into battles by telling ourselves "I have to win", we are fighting  with that mental emergency brake on and that thinking would somehow be holding us back and we are fighting not to lose instead of going for it, giving our all. 

There is a fighter in each of us, it's a matter of how long we want to remain in battles to fight for our lives; to fight for our dreams. It is a matter of how many hits you allow yourself to take and still keep moving forward even after all of that. 

Here are the 10 Signs You Are A Fighter: 

1. You Always Want To Prove People Wrong

As we live and decide to pursue what we want from our lives, there will be people who always have something to say to bring you down, whether they mean it or not. Some say it out of love and because they care about you, while others say it out of envy and because they are not brave enough to pursue their own dreams in life.

You, however, always stand firm on both your feet and looking for ways to prove them they are wrong. You know what you want from your life and you are not going to let them stop you from pursuing what you want from life.

2. You Welcome Challenges

You don't run away from challenges. Instead, you welcome them. Somehow, it is the one thing that drive your adrenaline into your head and you get excited because of it. While others cower away because of the magnitude of their respective challenges, you on the other hand enjoy them. You are always looking for them, to face them head on and grab the bull by the horns.

3. You Fall Down, You Will Rise Again

You are well aware that life is a cycle. Sometimes you are up there and everything seems to be going your way and before you could fully enjoy the moment, you are at the bottom. You know there are bound to be failures along the way but you also know that you are a fighter and as a fighter, you will fight your way up again. Just as the Phoenix does, you will rise from the ashes once more and you'll be hardened by the failures.

4. You Know Your Weaknesses

You don't keep a blind eye to your weaknesses. You know them well, or if you haven't, you're always looking to identify them because you know, if you are to move forward in life and grow stronger and better as a fighter, the only way to march forward is to focus on your strengths and to tackle your weaknesses one by one.

5. You Are Aware That You Are Different

You know you are different. That you are unique. You have your own sets of skills, traits, characteristics and many other things that set you apart from other people around you. Some are something to be proud of, some are maybe something that others would choose to hide. But instead, you are proud that you are different and unlike many of your contemporaries, you use these differences to your advantage.

6. You Do More Than You Speak

You believe more in carrying out your actions rather than talking about it. You do more than you speak. This is a part of you, who live your life as a fighter. If you are ever going to achieve what your dreams, there is no other way but to act upon those dreams and turn them into reality.

Actions speak louder than words, don't they?

7. You Keep On Doing What You Love 

There will be no short of critics but you refuse to waste your energy listening to them. In return, you keep on believing in yourself and continue doing what you love.

I've been through a lot of things in my personal and family life. That turned me into a fighter. I always strive to be the best I possibly can. - H. Solo

It's weird--for a fighter, the more people say that it is impossible or throwing their doubts on what you are doing, the more it drives you. You hear but you don't listen. You use them instead to fuel the fire within you as energy to be used in your journey.

8. You Are Your Own Man

You are not part of the tribe that run away when the going gets hard. You stand firm on your ground, with strong self-belief and even when you fall on the ground over and over again, the thing that gets you through those hurdles is your absolute determination to live your own life. You are your own man, they say. You are after all, a fighter.

9. You Believe In Failures, But Not In Quitting

There are bound to be failures but that is not stopping you. As what Rocky Balboa had said to his son in the movie "Rocky", it's about how many times you get hit and still carry forward. You fight and continue to fight. You don't believe in quitting. You can fail but you cannot quit, this is your principle.
This, above all, is what makes you a true fighter.

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About The Author

I am a writer, an entrepreneur and a friend to all who needs a friend. Life has been my greatest teacher of all. I have suffered chronic depression, low self-esteem, demotivated, alone, bitter. I was also a hot-tempered dude with a negative outlook on life generally. I used to be.

 That's why life has been my greatest teacher. I have searched for answers to a lot of questions in my life and a lot of them are still unanswered. Life is a never-ending journey of discoveries and learning, after all.

Where is God in my life?
What should I do to get my life in order?
Why do I always fail in everything I do?
What is my purpose in life?
Have I made the right decisions?

I have dedicated the past ten years searching for answers to these questions and thank God I have clearer picture of what I am looking for. That's what I want to share with all of you. That life is beautiful. That we should not spend too much time and energy worrying about what could happen and about something that has not happened...yet. It is not in our hands. What we can do now is our actions for today. If you want to look into the future, you have to look at the actions that you are taking now.

If you are comfortable with this perspective, then thank you for dropping by and please share your opinions about the articles I have written for you.

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Who Am I?

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Hi everyone! Firstly, let me just say that I'm extremely grateful for the FACT that you guys are willing to read this. Self-introduction for "About me" is one of the hardest things to do, you know? Unsure what to write, couple with how to write them.

Anyway, I'm Clive Einstein. I am an alumni of University of Malaya, with Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, majoring in Management Information System.

I am a self-published author of the Gordana trilogy as well as the whole 12-volumes of the World of Narsilonia. Besides High Fantasy being my favourite domain, I have also self-published The Empress (thriller) and currently working on Gordana still, but also the Susan Meadows Adventures. You can find these books in Amazon.

I think the title CEO is so overrated these days, ergo I'm going to use it. I am the owner and "CEO" of three websites, each in different field.

  1., a health-fitness website.
  2., the neutral watchman commenting on Malaysia's political scenes
  3., the website of fun and crazy acts!

I am a self-made man and I'm not afraid of trying because I would not want to die regretting with ifs.

I am also a history man, because the subject of history is very important in my book-writing career. It is without a doubt that in order for me to find my own style, voice and uniqueness, I need to invest a lot of time reading history and current-affair books. A tip for those who want to write books but can't simply think of good plots, just go back to our world history and you'll find thousands of great stories of men, women and the world!

 This is the picture of my creation-Narsilonia. 

“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?” 
― John Lennon

Guess which one am I among the 5.

In my free time, I spend most of my time with people who matters most to me in life. Life without love is not life worth living at all.

with family

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” 
― George Burns

with friends

“I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” 
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring

I am also loving my work in developing the youth community here in Malaysia. Spent a lot of my time with Student in Free Enterprise, myHarapan as well as providing occasional role as motivational speaker for the youths. 

 Being an entrepreneur, life has always favoured the unexpected turnings and after years of living this, it's part  of me now, whether I am deemed as successful if a million bucks is the yardstick or pursuing a life that I can  have my freedom of standing firmly on both my feet. I've opted for the latter.

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.” 
― William W. Purkey

I am a part of the self-claimed Manchester United 650 millions fan around the world. It has been my team since 1996.

And my love for sports came from watching the Red devils every weekend during the Premier League seasons. Although now that I've noticed, I don't have many photos of playing football.


This is my personal domain and if you're my future clients, know this that I cherish every opportunity that's handed to me. If you're my potential employer, I hate bureaucracies and a lot of meetings but I do love working in a team. 

But if you're my potential the One, know this though: I am a hopeless romantic but I can be a very loyal someone who'll protect you 'till the end. 

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” 
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
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Carpe Diem. 

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