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Saturday, May 17, 2014


7 Honest Lessons We Can Teach Our Little Brothers At School

By Clive Einstein

Have you guys watched The Wonder Years before? I really love the show and must say that it's one of my favorite TV series. 

(If You haven't watched it, you really should! It's such a sweet, and amazing show)

I love The Wonder Years because I can relate to Kevin Arnold so much; the first love, fights with my best friends, exams, look cool in front of my friends and schoolmates, and many more embarrassing moments at school. 

Watching the show many times has given me an idea and inspire me to write this article. Some might disagree but that's what happens with honesty. 

Well then, here they are  the  7 Honest Lessons We Can Teach Your Little Brothers

1. Bullies Are Attention-Seekers
Bullies are usually those  who crave for attention at school. Perhaps they are from a rich family, not necessarily troubled ones. Or they could come from the families that are having a lot of problems at home. 

They intimidate other people to follow their orders and making fun of the weak and quiet kids at school seem to be their favorite hobby. One thing about bullies: they are not cool. 

They think they are superior, cool and popular at school. But they are merely attention-seekers. 

2. Exams Are Not Important
Your teachers will be saying all kind of things at school. If you don't get good grades, you can feel really stupid; especially when your friends get higher marks than you. 

But it's OK to fail. It's not all important to get the highest marks at school. If you've done your best, then don't worry. The best will come to those who work hard, believing in themselves and never stop trying.  
3. Play Sports 
Playing sports is good for you, m'boy! And so we would say. 
But hey, playing sports can make you look cool too and you look bloody attractive when you win something where all the girls will be lining up for you. 

4. Don't Hate Girls
Be the Mystery Man. School is where you discover yourself, after 6 years only seeing your mum and dad. It's time to shine and see the world, m'boy! 


Don't say you hate girls (normally at your age now, it's common for boys vs girls) because one day, you'll be chasing after them.  

5. Discussion During Exams Is Okay
Ahh, one of the thing that makes school memorable...and torturous too. So we are taught not too look at the answers of others during exams. The penalty for our disobedient would be, well, severe (as the teachers used to warn me). 

But hey, sometimes it's okay to discuss answers. One day, when you're at work, there's no such thing as "working alone" anymore. You need to discuss with your other people to solve something. Didn't people always say, better to start early? 

Just make sure you don't discuss so loudly the teacher can hear you from the front, my brother. 
6. You Can Be Anyone
And don't you let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't let anyone call you stupid and too slow-if you wish to be an Astronomer, a Scientist, Engineer or maybe run your own business, don't ever let anyone tell you it's impossible. Remember these words: You Can Be Anyone

7. Bestfriend Saves Your Life!
Makes as many friends as possible, my little brother. Be kind to everyone. But it's also important to find friends who will stick with you no matter what. Life at school can be very difficult, m'boy. I don't underestimate the overwhelming feelings you get sometimes at school. 


You would have your big fights with your classmates. 
Or your first rejection from your crush. 
Maybe you've failed your Math test. 

Your bestfriends can help you go through this difficult time. 

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7 Honest Lessons We Can Teach Your Little Brothers

By: Clive Einstein on: 9:30 AM

Friday, May 16, 2014


5 Penetrating Questions To Ask If You Want To Change For Good

By Clive Einstein

It has been said many times, Ask The Right Questions. To understand ourselves, what we actually want from our lives and where we want to go, it is important we ask the right questions and by asking the right questions, we could get a glimpse of our "true" identity. 

Say you're lost at the moment and you're not sure who you want to be and what you actually want to do with your life, these 5 questions could at least help you to get there.  Sometimes it could take months and years just to figure out what seemingly a very simple question to begin with. 

I guess, that's why people call it "Life's A Journey". It's a journey isn't it? We are always out there in the wilderness, searching for our purpose. But my friends, it's not really the end of the journey we're after; rather, how much we'd grow during the journey. To begin, it's important if we could go through this journey with the right questions. 

Well, here are the 5 Penetrating Questions To Ask If You Want To Change

1. What If Money Wasn't An Issue?
What if Money wasn't an issue? Fantastic wouldn't it? We could buy any car we want, eat anything our hearts desire, wear the most expensive clothes or buy an island for us to spend the rest of our lives? 

Too often, we don't really dream big because we let our minds thinking we don't have the power or the capabilities to achieve them. Donald Trump is one of the successful people that always harp on dreaming and thinking big. 

By thinking anything is possible, you'll discover what you really want

Assignment: What do you really want?

2. What If I Could Be With Anyone In The World?
If you can choose anyone you want to be with in the world, who would that person be? So often, we're thinking we're not good enough for somebody. We're losers. We're not rich enough. We're not good-looking. We're this...we're that. Stop for a moment from that negative thinking and ask yourself this: what if I could be with anyone in the world, who would I spend my time with?

Love Life: What Kind of A Partner Are You Looking For?
Business: What Kind of A Business Partner And Clients Are You Looking For?
Friends: What Kind of Friendship Are You Looking For?

Ask these questions and answer them honestly. 

Assignment: Who would you be with today?

3. If I Could Change Anything, What Would I Change?
As with Question No.1, we're bound by the Ceiling that we've set for ourselves in our minds. Again, remove the ceiling and think everything is possible. 

This 3rd Question is to help you determine what you actually want to do with your life, generally. 

Perhaps you want to stop smoking. 
Or stop lying to your wife. 
Or maybe, end poverty. 

Get a List of the Changes you want to see and think about what you've written. You'll find it much easier to work on them one by one, starting from the first change you seek to see happen. 

Assignment: What Change Would You Bring?

4. If I Can Do Anything I Want, What Would I Do In Life?
Search deep within your heart. What would you do?
This simple exercise can help you to determine what you really want from life, if and only if you're being really honest with yourself.

Would you travel the world? 
Would you propose to the girl you've been going out with?
Would you...(open-ended question)

Assignment: What Would You Do? 

5. If I Could Be Anyone, Who Would I Be?
Perhaps you want to be yourself. Or perhaps you want to be your role-model-Steve Jobs? Bill Gates? Mike Tyson? JK Rowling? Sidney Sheldon? Or Maybe Voldemort?

Whoever it is, your choice gives you the idea of what kind of person you want to be.

Assignment: Who Do You Want To Be? 

You see, this simple exercise can help you see who you really, deep down inside as well as your inner-most desires. We are often bound by our limitations which sometimes don't exist in the first place. We are influenced (heavily influenced I might add)  by other people's failures, we couldn't see what's actually possible for us. 

Complete the Assignments and think about what you've written thoroughly. Before you can spend your energy understanding other people, first you should start with yourself. I'm doing this at the moment and the exercise has been really helpful. Good luck to you too. 

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5 Penetrating Questions To Ask If You Want To Change

By: Clive Einstein on: 9:30 AM

Thursday, May 15, 2014


10 Reasons Why You Must Learn Martial Arts

By Clive Einstein

I'm a Martial Art enthusiast. I've been learning this Art since I was 7 years old. At first, I joined it because it looked cool and I wanted to spar with other kids during the self-defense classes. You know, being a naive child, I thought by learning Martial Arts I could be more intimidating in front of the other kids.

Little did I know that once the classes started, there was not many sparring sessions held by my Masters. There were more repetitive punches and kicks than sparring and I remember I wanted to quit right there and then.

But by the time I had turned 10, my classmate invited me to join his Karate' class instead. I was quite reluctant at first but my friend was being very persistent. Eventually, I agreed and ergo, the beginning of my Martial Arts Journey.

As I grow older, my Sensei's words began to make much more sense. I still practice on my own these days and never let go of those golden words that he repeatedly said to me. I'll include those Golden Words in this List.

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Must Learn Martial Arts: 
1. You Panic...Less
You're trained throughout your Martial Art classes to expect the unexpected. There might be dangers lurking in the dark alley you're using to go back home from work. Or someone is being hit at the table next to you at the restaurant. Or maybe someone put a knife across your throat. A lot of possible confrontations with danger  and so often victims got themselves into vulnerable positions by being panic. 

Martial Arts help you to prepare your mind for something like this. You might not win your opponent but the most important part is to remain calm even when the people around you are not. 
2. Confident You! 
Martial Art has taught me to be more aware of my own abilities. Even when the other guy is twice my size, I know how size actually doesn't matter that much. 

This is part of our mental training. A battle is lost even before we enter the battlefield if we think we'd lose. That's an important part of life to keep in our minds: What we think will become our reality.

3. Physically And Mentally Trained
During Martial Arts classes, we're not only trained physically but mentally as well. Physically, we're trained on our flexibility and getting hit so we're not easily beaten during a fight. 

On the hand, Mental training is for you to control your urges to fight, not panic when you're cornered and don't be quick to judge your opponent by how they look. 
4. You're Less Of A Bully
During my Martial Art classes, one of the most important things that we have to remember is Martial Art is not for you to bully those weaker than you. On the contrary, it is to defend and help the weak. 

My favorite advice is this: 
"Even if you know you can beat them, run away. Don't fight. Call the police. Call for help."

5. Respect
One of the things that I'm seeing happening very fast among our young generation of today is lack of self-respect among the youngsters toward the people older than them. 

This is one of the things that my Sensei was very strict on. Perhaps the Karate-Do and Taekwando classes I took come from Japan and Korea where Respect is part of their cultures, but even if you're not learning both these Arts, you'll develop a sense of respect toward the people around you. 

Sometimes, the weakest man in the room is the strongest. He may seem weak but only because he doesn't show it. It's the same principle when you're in the ring for a fight. You never ever underestimate your opponent with how they look.   
6. Self-Control
There are times when we find it difficult to control our temper and the urge to get into a fist-fight. I like the movie: "3 Ninjas" to highlight this particular point. 

In fact, come to think of it; the movie is the best example to explain what I mean for all 10 Reasons. Self-control is the ability you get when you're able to calm yourself and not allowing anger to consume you. That's what self-control is. 

7. Life Skills
Well, that's my grandmother-she could be very blunt with the her words sometimes. But it's true, isn't it? One day, everyone we know including us, would be gone. 

Of course, this is pretty obvious. However, I just have to start off these Lessons by being Captain Obvious.  
8. Take The Hits!
For this one, I'll let this video of Rocky Balboa to speak about it because he said it the best. 

9. Discipline And Focus
You need to practice on your kicks, blocks, stretches, punches and jumps. You work on your ability to face more hits during a match and you learn to study your opponent's weaknesses. 

All of these require discipline and focus. You know what you're capable and without discipline and focus, you won't get anywhere by whining and complaining about it. 
10. And Of Course, Self-Defense
This is of course, why it is sometimes called Martial Arts/ Self-Defense. Self-defense training is not for you to be a bully or intimidate other people. It is about your ability to defend yourself in times of danger or to protect people you love. It is because of this, why you should and must learn Martial Arts. 

There's also another thing I'd like to add: Learning any form of Martial Arts doesn't mean you'll win every fight-even when you're good. The world is full of surprises. I'm not one to compare whether Karate-Do is better than Taekwando or MMA or Muay Tai. It can be in any form but unless you understand clearly the reason why you're learning this in the first place, then it wouldn't do you any good. 

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10 Reasons Why You Must Learn Martial Arts

By: Clive Einstein on: 9:30 AM

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


10 Simple Life Lessons From My Late Grandmother

By Clive Einstein

I was very close with my late Grandmother who passed away Two Years Ago, in the sweet Valentine month of February, 2012. She was a dear sweetheart to me, who had taught me many valuable life lessons that I'd bring with me wherever I go. 
That's why, I've decided to share some of these Valuable Lessons with all of you. Here are The 10 Simple Life Lessons From My Late Grandmother:
1. We're All Going To Be Dead Eventually
Well, that's my grandmother-she could be very blunt with the her words sometimes. But it's true, isn't it? One day, everyone we know including us, would be gone. 

Of course, this is pretty obvious. However, I just have to start off these Lessons by being Captain Obvious.  
2. Family Comes First
Something my grandmother always reminded me while she was still alive. Family should always comes first. No matter how many great friends we've made, family should come first because family stick with you no matter what happens. 
3. Choose Your Wife Carefully
My grandmother always told me to choose someone for a wife who knows her ways in the kitchen. She was a very strong traditionalist and she really believed the candidate for a wife should be respectful of the elders, knows the Kitchen and can look after the husband well. 
4. Wake Up Early In The Morning
She was very strict with me whenever I spent a few my holiday at the village. She expected me to get out of bed as early as 6 in the morning. 

Her words are still ringing in my ears: (Rephrased version: The Early Bird Gets The Worm)
5. Loving God Is Important
I grew up in a family that practices Christianity. My Grandmother always reminded me that I should always believe in God and trusting His judgement. 

Indeed, with all the moral issues that we are facing today, maybe it's time for us to remember God again in our lives. 
6. Respect The Elders
Respecting the Elders was another of my grandmother's favorite advice. Things such as "Don't interrupt when the adults are talking", and "Don't raise your voice when talking to your parents" are some of the things that are covered for this advice. 
7. Remember Where You Come From
She used to tell me, wherever I go, no matter how far from home I am, I should never (never) forget where I come from. I should always protect my identity and I should protect it. 
8. Look After Your Health
By the time she entered her sixties, she became sick because of her excessive smoking during her younger days. She regretted it and she always told me I should look after my health now that I am still young. 
9. Eat While You Still Have The Appetite
She loved to cook, my grandmother. But she couldn't eat that well as she grew older. She had lost her appetite. That was the reason why she kept on reminding me to eat as much as I can (healthily and not by being reckless) while I still have the appetite now. 

10. Work Hard And Start Early
She believed in hard work to achieve what we want in life. Nothing will ever fall on your lap by itself, she used to say. "Combine working hard and rising up early in the morning, that's the key to success", according to my grandmother. 

Of all the 10 Lessons, I'm still finding the 4th Lesson to be the hardest. Perhaps I need a crying baby to help me (ekhem). 

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10 Simple Life Lessons From My Late Grandmother

By: Clive Einstein on: 9:30 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The 15 Exciting Realities That Await Every Aspiring Entrepreneur

By Clive Einstein
I was not born, thinking I'm going to be an Entrepreneur one day. In fact, the idea was cultivated when I was at college. I chose and made the decision consciously. I choose to be an Entrepreneur
I made the decision to pursue what I love, what makes me feel alive and what's going to make me feel happy every single day of my life-even though there would be times when I do not have any money for food, pay the bills or nice, decent shirts. 
But this is the decision I've made for myself and I'm sticking with it. Yes, there were times when I couldn't carry on any longer, I made a short U-Turn and applied for jobs, working for companies. I am aware of that and if I were to tell you that I am brave and never afraid as well as not feeling stupid for making these decisions, that I'd be lying because I was and still am. 
I'm driven by my fear sometimes, but over the years, I've learned to manage them better. While maybe a few years back when I was just starting out in the business world and I didn't have enough money in the wallet to pay for a decent lunch at a roadside stall, I'd panic. Oh, Heaven's yes! 
But I've gotten stronger since and my inner-self have grown thicker too. I've learned to control my nerve and that's what I like about experience. I keep on telling myself everything will fall into place and God would guide me there if I work and believe hard enough in what I'm doing. 
I'm also consciously aware that my former classmates at school and college are currently building their careers steadily. I used to be really worried about this. What if I fall far behind in life? Then, I realized, life is not a race. It's really not a race at all. Everyone has different learning curve and destiny. Everything will work out fine, (like I said) if I work and believe hard enough in what I'm doing. 
So let me share with you an important lesson today: The 15 Exciting Realities That Await Every Aspiring Entrepreneur. 
1. Sleepless Whispers
Once you've made the decision to go down this road, you would have doubts about your own abilities. Even the smallest of problems are blown out of proportions and life suddenly becomes so intimidating! 

Naturally, if you let fear and anxiety consume you, this could affect your sleep. Now, this comes with practice. Practice your mind by thinking positively for every single minute of your life from now on. It helps you a lot. If you are able to control what you think, you'll soon see the endless possibilities that you can do. 
2. You're The Motivational Speaker
When you've gotten the hang of thinking positively for every single minute of your life, you'll start to become the Motivational Speaker. You'll avoid negative thinkers and you prefer spending your time with those who only speak about positive outcomes. 

During a time of uncertainty, the role of positive thinking shouldn't be underestimated. What you think can definitely help you go through every hurdle you're about to face. 
3. Once A Day Meal Becomes Valuable
Just as long as you're not sick and lying on your deathbed because of your starvation, it's still OK. We are living in the Age of Abundance; the fact that you're able to view this Article meaning you're so much more fortunate than a lot of other people who don't have this kind of opportunity. 

If you ask for Food and willing to work to get them on your table, food will come. God would not abandon you so easily. 
4. Ideas Are Secondary; Execution Comes First
Ideas come and go. One moment, there come flowing in like crazy and we can't wait to work on them. But after an hour or two, or maybe a week at most, we're quick to dismiss them as "Ahh, this is crap" and the white flag is raised. 

What's really important is execution. I have a lot of writing ideas for my next book would be, but if I were to work on every single idea that I've thought of, it would be pointless because I wouldn't be able to focus on one.
5. Everyday Is A Mystery
During these early days, everyday is a mystery and every single moment of our lives is a unknown and become very unpredictable-to say the least. 

There was once when I was worried about paying the bills at the end of the month because I had no money at all left in the bank anymore. A few days after that, bam! a new project came in and the deposit money that I had received from my client paid for the bills later that month. 
6. Smart Advice From Your Friends And Family
Almost everyone I know kept telling me I should work on my business on the side while I work at a large corporation, earning steady paychecks every month. 

That could work but somehow, I could not bring myself to go around doing it. 

I would be comfortable and there's always time and money in my pockets, I would never be able to get myself to work on the projects seriously. 
7. Everything Matters...Even The Small Ones
Rome was not built in a day. I'm sure you've heard of this, yet? Well, everything that you do now, even the tasks that seem too small to, matters eventually. 

Imagine yourself as the construction worker of a 88-storey building. You're not going to start off by building the 88th floor. Instead, you would have to lay the foundation on which the building is going to be built. 
8. Someday You Feel Great, Someday You Feel Stupid

There are days when everything seems to work out well for you. You seem to have the Midas touch. Whatever you're working on, it works. But there will be days when everything seems to be falling apart. You feel totally fucked up

But you know what, just look at this like a cycle and with experience, whenever you hit the low-point of your entrepreneurial career again, you'll rise to the top much faster after that. Practice.
9. You're Broke, So What?
Well, so what? Should you whine and feel sorry for yourself? Do you know how much energy you're going to waste if you just lie on your bed and worry about problems that might never come? Instead, why don't you work on your business with all that abundance of energy? 

I'm so used to being broke, it feels normal now. But I promise to keep on working harder every time so I wouldn't have to be broke when my son and daughter come into this world. While I'm single, a bachelor and nothing much to lose, this is my time. 
10. You're Stronger, What's Next?
Especially for those of you who are doing this in your early 20s. You are exposed to "dangers" so early in your life and when you've finally reached your 30th birthday, you're so much stronger nothing can really hurt you anymore. 

Just as a Software Engineer gets better at the Life cycle development of a new project with 10 years working experience on his CV, so will you. 
11. You'll Discover Something 
About yourself. Perhaps you didn't know you'd be good at teaching before. Out of desperation, you've decided to write an e-book teaching children English and who would've thought, you have the gift as a teacher all along? 

During our lowest points of desperation, that's when we are usually at our most vulnerable. That is also the time to know yourself better and you'd be surprised at your own potentials.  
12. Not In Suits Everyday
Being an entrepreneur is not about being in suits every day. Most of the times, in these early stages, you're working on your own, by yourself in your room. 

It's not as glamorous you thought it would be. There are a lot of tedious, repetitive hardwork involve. (Read No. 7 again)
13. Some People Call You "Unemployed"
Don't blame them though. That's how our Society thinks. 
If we're not working a 9-5 job or as an entrepreneur with an office full of 20 employees working for us, we're going to be labelled as "Unemployed". 

It's fine. There's a thing about being Oblivious to what other people think of us anyway. 
14. Your Truest Friends
You'll discover your truest friends who'd support your career as an Entrepreneur. They'll motivate you so it would be a much easier journey to go through. These friends are the ones you should keep and they deserve to be with you when you're successful one day later. 
15. Every Skill Is Important
From now on. 

Every skill that you are going to learn is important. Those new skills are going to help you build and manage your business better. You'll start seeing life is indeed a lifelong journey of learning. You're more interested about self-development and you don't mind spending your money on motivational and self-development books, audio books and videos. 

I must end with a congratulations though. 
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The 15 Exciting Realities That Await Every Aspiring Entrepreneur

By: Clive Einstein on: 9:30 AM



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