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Saturday, September 20, 2014

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How The Future Can Destroy You & What To Do About It?

by Clive Einstein

I'm nearly 27 and I have my fair share of mistakes that I've (fortunately) made in my life thus far. I am fortunate that those mistakes that I've done were committed; had I not, I would not have learned much about the simplicity of life really. 

Life is Simple...

Had I not dared myself to start writing at the age of fifteen and brave enough to submit my works to several book agents and publishing houses, I would have not discovered the thrill and beauty of writing. 

Had I not dared myself to speak in front of a large audience, I would not have met the great people that are still with me today. 

Had I not dared myself to embark on an entrepreneurial journey right after college, I would not have discovered my strengths and weaknesses. 

You see, I was too eager to plan for the future and live the future, I had forgotten to live the present. Even today. In my attempt to escape the harsh reality of life today, I look to the future. I kept on telling myself that 'I still have tomorrow'. 

As much as the past can be a poisonous disease that eats us slowly, focusing too much on the future can be even more fatal. For we have gone through the past, but the future isn't here yet. What we do have is here and now. 

I wrote in my previous article that two of my friends had died before they can fully realize their ambitions, and it was a wake-up call for me, personally.

I would be lying if I say I have consciously lived my presents, but with that thought at the back of my mind, I am more consciously aware of living the present than focusing too much on what isn't here yet. 

I am learning appreciate everything that's going on around me, taking in as much as possible. 

Here are some of the things I have consciously done so far:

Travel. When was the last time you had a trip with the people you love and care about, and not being too worried to take pictures and put them on Instagram? 

Dinner. When was the last time you did not take out your phone while at the dinner table with your friends/ family?

Yes. When was the last time you said YES to a gathering or a trip with the people you care about? 

These are some of the little things that made such a big difference in my life, and hopefully you'll be able to find your own unique spots

How The Future Can Destroy You And What To Do About It?

By: Clive Einstein on: 7:00 AM

Saturday, September 13, 2014

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How to be Motivated by Death

By Clive Einstein

I was in the shower, the "temple" of Inspiration. You get a lot of ideas while having the oh-sweet Jesus water from heaven falling down on your head. 
In a short space of a year, I've lost two good friends, and both died in a car crash. It was a difficult moment for me, to see their passing so quickly. One was about to get married, while the other had two little kids at home. 
Probably some religious dudes will come and tell me that death is normal, and it is inevitable. I've seen enough to know death is inevitable. Everyone will return to the earth from whence they came. 
 I've had a good run so far, and I'm not planning to take it slow for the next few years. I thought about death more than I could count. It's beginning to look like "oh another one is gone".  In fact, I couldn't remember the last time I cried during a funeral. Don't think, for a second, I'm not sad for their passing- I had had good times with my late grandmother, but still, no tears could trickle down my cheek when I saw her motionless body lying in the coffin. If I force them, wouldn't I look like a hypocrite instead? 
So no, I don't cry during funeral. 
How exactly do I get motivated by death? It comes rather naturally though. 
Here's what I've been learning: 

1. Anytime, Anywhere

Oh yes, God does that. The friend that I had lost to the car crash, told me how excited she was about this, and that-there were plenty of things written on her calendar. But, oh well, it wasn't meant to be in the end. 
The fact that death can come at anytime, and anywhere got me constantly on my toes. I'm trying very hard to capture the moments whenever I'm with those people I love. 
The next time you're hanging out with your best buddies and family, don't rush 'em. Slow down for a sec, and spend as much time as you can. Go on and tell your favorite stories, the good and bad times you've had together. 

2. Plan for TODAY, not TOMORROW.

'Uh Mike, maybe not today. Probably next month', said Alicia when Sarah invited her for a get-together at the mall. 
You've heard it many times before, live today as though it is your last. Amen to that. Th best evergreen advice. 
If there really is nothing that important in your calendar, don't delay what you can do right now, at this moment. You'll thank yourself for that later on. 

3. They've moved on

I'm really an Agnostic really, so I'd like to think that there is life after death after all. I prefer to look at this death business is just part of the grand scheme of things. 
Probably that explains the last time I cried during a funeral was 19 years ago. I was seven, then. 
You could argue I might be wrong in my view of God, life and death. But that will, hopefully (and I'm technically contradicting myself in delaying it for another day) I'll elaborate more on God in my next post. However, to put the record straight-I might die and end up in heaven or hell, depending on how much good I've brought to this world. Or I might be dead, and dead. Perhaps there is God after all, a Supreme Being watching over us all. Or perhaps there isn't. I'd like to believe the former though. It's much more comforting. 

in Conclusion, 

There are a lot of ways you can be motivated by death, really. One way to look at it, don't be too obsessed about being remembered after death. Remember Julius Caesar? He wanted people to remember him even in death, even after two thousand years had passed and still, we talk about him. But does he know though? Perhaps his skeleton will be moved in the grave...perhaps. 
Don't worry too much about it. It's coming, but who knows when. For now, there's ice-cream. 
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How To Be Motivated By Death

By: Clive Einstein on: 7:47 AM

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The Joy of the Rejected Life

By Clive Einstein

Believe it or not, I had spent two months this year working for Shell. Fair to say, it was...educational. You see, a few years ago, I was invited for a Shell Recruitment Day (SRD) with Shell. That was my first encounter with the organization, as I attended the whole-day interview session with the oil company. I had even written my experience and tips about that day. As it turned out, I did not pass the interview. But life goes on, since then. 

This year, I had the pleasant opportunity to have a go at it again, although through a different medium-a third party agency and that means, a less secure position, by being a contractor in the company. I was contracted to the Royal Dutch company for a year, and I was really excited about the prospect of working there. 

The working culture within the company was really engaging and stimulating. I did not experience the pressure of micro-management from my superiors that it had allowed my creativity to blossom and learning curve not as steeped if it had been otherwise. But then, another chapter of the story had unraveled itself and a stranger, whom then I had addressed as the "boss", came into the office from Texas, to conduct a two-weeks training for my team mates and me.

I was really looking forward to show her that I can do the works, and willing to work hard to get the results  that she was looking for. But in exactly 9 days she had been in the office (in a 2 weeks trip to Malaysia), the judgement day came. 

Without any prior notice or letter to inform me anything about it, I was dismissed by the "boss" in 10 minutes. 

"I'm letting you go", she said because I was too slow in understanding the job process and I was a risk for the job by making too many mistakes.  

And to go along with the dismissal process, I was not even allowed to go back to my desk to collect my things and she had even threatened to call security if I insist. 

I was, at the time, shocked and speechless. It took me a couple of days to actually coming to terms with what had happened during that ten minutes. In a short space of ten minutes, the company had let me go without any remorse. It was purely business

What then?

You must be wondering, whether the main reason I am telling you this story is to express my anger towards the "boss". No. For one, I am thankful for the opportunity the hiring manager had extended to me, to provide me with the chance to work in the company. At first I was angry, then it became disappointment and eventually, acceptance. 

Life Goes On...

I had been rejected a lot of times before, and as the years rolled by, I grew thicker and became more oblivious to what people think of me. I have always believed my destiny lies in my hands, and my hands alone. 
I've shared in my writings (previously) about my three failed businesses, and my manuscripts were rejected many times and my business proposals were turned away by banks and government agencies. I have grown a lot since but the way I look at it, I could take it in a good way or bad. It's a choice. 
I'd be  lying if I hadn't been affected by all of these rejections before, although I am not ashamed of what I had accomplished so far in my life. 
I have shared the sidewalk floor with beggars by providing them food to eat and ate with the Prime Minister of Malaysia on the same table during a dinner function with the government. 
I have also been kicked out from prospective-client offices for selling stuff that they didn't want to buy, and on a good day (or week) everything that I had offered to sell...sold. 

It becomes part of Me

A couple of days after I had been dismissed from Shell, I started to think of various ways to get back up on my feet. As has been with my other failed endeavors before, here are a few things I do (not exactly in sequence):

1. Listen to Music

Inspirational and motivational music are good and I listen to them over and over again. 

2. Moving Forward

What's my Action Plan? Obviously, without a job, I still need to pay the bills etcetera. Do I look for a job right away or I strengthen my other revenue-generating jobs that I have on the side?
For example, my books and this blog. 

3. Seek No Self-Pity

I do not want to sit at the corner of my bedroom and feel sorry for myself. No one is going to change the course of my destiny but me. I take charge. It is my responsibility. 

4. Talk to God

Just a chat with an old Friend. 

5. Write books

I have been writing vigorously, for a book project that I had planned right after I had been dismissed. 
You don't have to write books. That's one of the thing you can do, per se, but try to identify the things that you love and just do 'em. 
When I'm Sad, I Stop Being Sad and Be Awesome Instead. Yes, if there's one thing we can do right at this moment, it's the choice that we make. I've decided to NOT feel sorry for myself, instead I go play my favorite sport in the world, clean the house, and do the 5 things I've listed above. 
But that's me. What about you? All I'm saying, good luck and just go for it! That is the eternal joy of the rejected life: you learn more about yourself and what to do the next time you encounter a bad phase in your life. 

The Joy of the Rejected Life

By: Clive Einstein on: 2:03 AM

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ROCK YOUR LIFE:The Destructive Fantasy of Our Lives

By Clive Einstein
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I spend a considerable amount of time writing fantasy novels. That is something I have been the art I am most focused to sharpen and be good at. Of course, I still have a lot to improve and that is my reality.
But sometimes, I do take immense pleasure from my fantasy of being a successful published author, with best-selling title on the back of my book cover and New York Times writes, “The best since George R.R. Martin.”
Fantasy, but fun though.
We are all victims of our respective fantasies. We are too often caught up with our version of fantasies; we are left disappointed and frustrated. We miss out on the wonder of the world because of fantasies.
What normally happens?
Here are SOME of the things that happened.

1. Missed out on new habits because of Fantasies
Do you smoke? If you do, how many sticks a day? If you’re one of the smokers who had tried to quit smoking before, then you must have had imagined countless times how your life would have been much healthier and cheaper if only you had stopped. But you didn’t. I didn’t either.  

I wish I had. I fantasized a lot about a life without smoking, but my fantasy and reality never really worked out.
2. Delayed Reality
Are you round on your stomach and you just wish it’s not there and you have flat stomach instead? How many times have you been telling yourself before to start exercising and sweating, just so you could lose those extra pounds and looking good?
3. The Angry People
We are simply living our dreams. When we look ourselves in the mirror and our bodies don’t look good or the relationship with someone we have been holding crush on for a long time haven’t worked out as well as the ones in our fantasies, we are often left disappointed and frustrated by these lies at the end of the day.

We fail at creating new habits because of fantasies.
We procrastinate because of fantasies.
We get frustrated with other people, with ourselves, because of fantasies.
We miss out on the wonder of the world because of fantasies.

We are all deluded. Do you agree? Most of the time, not all of the time; you can at least take comfort in that and I do not have actual statistics or data to support my point. However, ask yourself: are you…deluded?

Consider these:

·         In the morning, when you wake up and start thinking about what you’re going to do today, your plans aren’t really happening, but are all in your head.
  1.      Could be:
  2.      Cleaning your clothes
  3.      Visit some places you've been planning for a long
  4.      Do your homework
  5.      Call someone important

·         When you fear the failure that might come when you tackle this big work task, and you procrastinate, it’s not failure that’s actually happening but it’s all in your head.  

·         This fear has stopped you from pursuing some of your biggest life dreams. #TrueStory

·         When someone does something that irritates you, this is because they aren’t acting as you think they should, but this “acting how you think they should” is not reality but an ideal you have, in your head. The frustration stems not from their actions but from how their actions differ from your fantasies.

·         When you start out with a new habit (let’s say exercise), you are motivated by a fantasy of what your life will be like when you create the habit… but that’s not real. When the reality of the habit happens, it never matches up with your fantasy. It’s often harder, sloppier. Less idealized. And so you quit.

·         When you move through your home or office, your mind is not on the action of walking and the things around you, but elsewhere. In fantasy.

·         When you eat, you’re not paying attention to the food most of the time. Your mind is somewhere else, in fantasy.

·         When you talk to someone, you aren’t focused on what they’re saying, but thinking of what you’re going to say, or thinking about something else.

So, if some of these feel or seem familiar to you, (be honest) then you are deluded…most of the time. We’re not deluded all the time; some of the time we’re here in the present moment.

Caution: Do you remember the last time you’re feeling really stuck in your life, you feel helpless to do anything about it and eventually, raise the white flag in defeat?

The fantasies take up most of our time, and they are not usually helpful. They cause us to fear, procrastinate, and become angry, disappointed and quit.

Try This Instead:
Let go of the fantasy and pay attention to this actual moment. See it for what it is, not what you’d like it to be. Accept it exactly as it is, shits and all.

Move through the day practicing “walking the paths of reality” as they are.
Just Do It.
Do your work without thinking about the fear of your failure fantasy, what might happen in the future, or how hard this work is going to be…and just do it, in the present moment.

The Present Moment. Your Reality.
Do your new habit (exercise, quit smoking, healthy eating, no gossip) in the present moment, seeing it for what it is, not how it measures up to your fantasy of what it should be. Not how it will be hard in the future. But as it is.  
Differences will Exist.
See other people for what they are, and accept them without judgment. Strangers included. Shits and all.

It’s normal for us to fantasize. I suppose we do it because we are simply being human, wanting something better for our lives. Unless we set our feet on reality, firmly I might add, the fantasy will never happen. This present reality is all we have. Learn and let live.

The Destructive Fantasy of Our Lives

By: Clive Einstein on: 4:08 PM

Saturday, May 17, 2014


7 Honest Lessons We Can Teach Our Little Brothers At School

By Clive Einstein

Have you guys watched The Wonder Years before? I really love the show and must say that it's one of my favorite TV series. 

(If You haven't watched it, you really should! It's such a sweet, and amazing show)

I love The Wonder Years because I can relate to Kevin Arnold so much; the first love, fights with my best friends, exams, look cool in front of my friends and schoolmates, and many more embarrassing moments at school. 

Watching the show many times has given me an idea and inspire me to write this article. Some might disagree but that's what happens with honesty. 

Well then, here they are  the  7 Honest Lessons We Can Teach Your Little Brothers

1. Bullies Are Attention-Seekers
Bullies are usually those  who crave for attention at school. Perhaps they are from a rich family, not necessarily troubled ones. Or they could come from the families that are having a lot of problems at home. 

They intimidate other people to follow their orders and making fun of the weak and quiet kids at school seem to be their favorite hobby. One thing about bullies: they are not cool. 

They think they are superior, cool and popular at school. But they are merely attention-seekers. 

2. Exams Are Not Important
Your teachers will be saying all kind of things at school. If you don't get good grades, you can feel really stupid; especially when your friends get higher marks than you. 

But it's OK to fail. It's not all important to get the highest marks at school. If you've done your best, then don't worry. The best will come to those who work hard, believing in themselves and never stop trying.  
3. Play Sports 
Playing sports is good for you, m'boy! And so we would say. 
But hey, playing sports can make you look cool too and you look bloody attractive when you win something where all the girls will be lining up for you. 

4. Don't Hate Girls
Be the Mystery Man. School is where you discover yourself, after 6 years only seeing your mum and dad. It's time to shine and see the world, m'boy! 


Don't say you hate girls (normally at your age now, it's common for boys vs girls) because one day, you'll be chasing after them.  

5. Discussion During Exams Is Okay
Ahh, one of the thing that makes school memorable...and torturous too. So we are taught not too look at the answers of others during exams. The penalty for our disobedient would be, well, severe (as the teachers used to warn me). 

But hey, sometimes it's okay to discuss answers. One day, when you're at work, there's no such thing as "working alone" anymore. You need to discuss with your other people to solve something. Didn't people always say, better to start early? 

Just make sure you don't discuss so loudly the teacher can hear you from the front, my brother. 
6. You Can Be Anyone
And don't you let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't let anyone call you stupid and too slow-if you wish to be an Astronomer, a Scientist, Engineer or maybe run your own business, don't ever let anyone tell you it's impossible. Remember these words: You Can Be Anyone

7. Bestfriend Saves Your Life!
Makes as many friends as possible, my little brother. Be kind to everyone. But it's also important to find friends who will stick with you no matter what. Life at school can be very difficult, m'boy. I don't underestimate the overwhelming feelings you get sometimes at school. 


You would have your big fights with your classmates. 
Or your first rejection from your crush. 
Maybe you've failed your Math test. 

Your bestfriends can help you go through this difficult time. 

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7 Honest Lessons We Can Teach Your Little Brothers

By: Clive Einstein on: 9:30 AM

Friday, May 16, 2014


5 Penetrating Questions To Ask If You Want To Change For Good

By Clive Einstein

It has been said many times, Ask The Right Questions. To understand ourselves, what we actually want from our lives and where we want to go, it is important we ask the right questions and by asking the right questions, we could get a glimpse of our "true" identity. 

Say you're lost at the moment and you're not sure who you want to be and what you actually want to do with your life, these 5 questions could at least help you to get there.  Sometimes it could take months and years just to figure out what seemingly a very simple question to begin with. 

I guess, that's why people call it "Life's A Journey". It's a journey isn't it? We are always out there in the wilderness, searching for our purpose. But my friends, it's not really the end of the journey we're after; rather, how much we'd grow during the journey. To begin, it's important if we could go through this journey with the right questions. 

Well, here are the 5 Penetrating Questions To Ask If You Want To Change

1. What If Money Wasn't An Issue?
What if Money wasn't an issue? Fantastic wouldn't it? We could buy any car we want, eat anything our hearts desire, wear the most expensive clothes or buy an island for us to spend the rest of our lives? 

Too often, we don't really dream big because we let our minds thinking we don't have the power or the capabilities to achieve them. Donald Trump is one of the successful people that always harp on dreaming and thinking big. 

By thinking anything is possible, you'll discover what you really want

Assignment: What do you really want?

2. What If I Could Be With Anyone In The World?
If you can choose anyone you want to be with in the world, who would that person be? So often, we're thinking we're not good enough for somebody. We're losers. We're not rich enough. We're not good-looking. We're this...we're that. Stop for a moment from that negative thinking and ask yourself this: what if I could be with anyone in the world, who would I spend my time with?

Love Life: What Kind of A Partner Are You Looking For?
Business: What Kind of A Business Partner And Clients Are You Looking For?
Friends: What Kind of Friendship Are You Looking For?

Ask these questions and answer them honestly. 

Assignment: Who would you be with today?

3. If I Could Change Anything, What Would I Change?
As with Question No.1, we're bound by the Ceiling that we've set for ourselves in our minds. Again, remove the ceiling and think everything is possible. 

This 3rd Question is to help you determine what you actually want to do with your life, generally. 

Perhaps you want to stop smoking. 
Or stop lying to your wife. 
Or maybe, end poverty. 

Get a List of the Changes you want to see and think about what you've written. You'll find it much easier to work on them one by one, starting from the first change you seek to see happen. 

Assignment: What Change Would You Bring?

4. If I Can Do Anything I Want, What Would I Do In Life?
Search deep within your heart. What would you do?
This simple exercise can help you to determine what you really want from life, if and only if you're being really honest with yourself.

Would you travel the world? 
Would you propose to the girl you've been going out with?
Would you...(open-ended question)

Assignment: What Would You Do? 

5. If I Could Be Anyone, Who Would I Be?
Perhaps you want to be yourself. Or perhaps you want to be your role-model-Steve Jobs? Bill Gates? Mike Tyson? JK Rowling? Sidney Sheldon? Or Maybe Voldemort?

Whoever it is, your choice gives you the idea of what kind of person you want to be.

Assignment: Who Do You Want To Be? 

You see, this simple exercise can help you see who you really, deep down inside as well as your inner-most desires. We are often bound by our limitations which sometimes don't exist in the first place. We are influenced (heavily influenced I might add)  by other people's failures, we couldn't see what's actually possible for us. 

Complete the Assignments and think about what you've written thoroughly. Before you can spend your energy understanding other people, first you should start with yourself. I'm doing this at the moment and the exercise has been really helpful. Good luck to you too. 

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5 Penetrating Questions To Ask If You Want To Change

By: Clive Einstein on: 9:30 AM



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